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Nursing Home Investigations
Our nursing home investigations cover many areas necessary to producing a successful outcome for your client. The corporate research helps you to know the financial strengths and ownership of the subject facility. Also we are able to identify employees from many different sources so that you will know who was working at the time of your client’s residency.

The search for civil litigation involving this facility will reveal additional attorneys that have represented parties against this facility as well as the issues involved in those cases, previous settlement amounts, insurance policies and management companies.

After we have identified employees of this facility, we can locate their current addresses and phone numbers for the purpose of taking recorded statements as well as assisting you in the coordination of taking depositions whenever necessary.

Lastly, we can verify the criminal arrest records of these employees to ensure that the facility has met the level 1 screening standards that are required by state law.

Background Investigations

For a complete summary of your subject’s current and past activities, EBS can begin a comprehensive background investigation that will reveal any criminal arrests, traffic violations, property transfers, financing statements, corporate involvement, civil litigation history and domestic violence. We begin by identifying any addresses where your subject has resided and then proceed to search any available courthouse records in their respective counties. Next, we search a collection of statewide records from several official and non-official database sources that are then verified* and presented to you in a final report.

Asset/Income Investigation
To ensure your subject has the financial ability to remedy any obligations owed to you or your client, you need an accurate* report that outlines the assets that may be available. We have the tools and experience to identify any means that may be used to repay their debt including recreational vehicles, boats, real estate, insurance policies, accounts receivable, and any mortgages or judgments that may be held in their favor.

We will also attempt to provide you with the subject's current credit worthiness by revealing any liens, judgments, mortgages, public records and other financial obligations as allowed by law. Again the courthouse research will be the most beneficial source for learning of this information.

The DMV records will reveal a lot about a subject that has a history of driving cars that are several years old with high mileage purchased from a financing company as opposed to someone that has a pattern of buying brand new vehicles that have been financed by a traditional bank. We then begin to paint a picture that reveals which subject is able to repay a loss.

Locate Investigation
When you need to find an individual, our locate investigation is a cost effective way to get the most current* and verifiable* information available. By using a combination of statewide records, unofficial databases, courthouse information and other research tools, EBS can find your subject’s most current residence in a timely manner.

Corporate Research
We have become quite familiar with corporate research and have developed a number of ways to better identify their assets and structure. This research can reveal fictitious names (DBA’s), management companies, parent companies, affiliated corporations, UCC documents, assets, directors, registered agents, and employees. The litigation history of your subject company can also reveal quite a bit of information including insurance policies, patterns of negligence, failure to fulfill contracts and outstanding judgments. This search can provide a nice background summary of an adversary in a lawsuit or prior to starting negotiations with a potential business partner.

Dog Bite Investigation
This comprehensive investigation includes a search for prior animal control violations, a canvass of the neighborhood where an event has occurred to identify and speak with neighbors and possible witnesses, an asset search on the animal owner, and obtain all pertinent police/rescue and animal control reports regarding your incident.

Auto Negligence
We can obtain photos of the vehicles involved as well as visit the location of the crash site to identify any contributing factors such as construction, sight obstructions, possible witnesses, and other extenuating circumstances.  In addition we can complete an asset search on the owner and driver as well as provide a driving history, vehicle ownership, title history and insurance coverage search to round out your investigation.

Slip and Fall
We can discreetly obtain photos of an accident location, provide ownership details on the property as well as search for assets on the responsible party.  This investigation is complimented by a search for any witnesses, residents and neighbors or in the case of a business we can identify and speak with employees and patrons, as well as identify prior incidents or lawsuits.

Special Investigations
Although there are a number of common types of investigations, EBS can accommodate most every need you have by creating a custom investigation to suit your needs. Whether it’s a combination of individual searches, an extension of one of the more common types previously listed, or a subject we have not covered, please call to discuss how we can help you produce a more successful case.

*Please note that we may use several of the same databases that you are familiar with, but remember that unless it comes from an official source, each bit of data must be verified as accurate and current before using that information to make an educated decision with regards to your case.

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