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Statewide Property Search
We are able to search for real estate anywhere in the State of Florida. Not only can we inform you of property owned in the county where the subject lives, but we are able to check all 67 counties in Florida.

Courthouse Records Search
A hand search of all available county records including but not limited to liens, judgments, deeds, mortgages, satisfactions (for mortgages and judgments), property, marriage, divorce, financial statements, litigation history, traffic tickets, criminal and civil cases.

Criminal Records Search
EBS will search the State of Florida, Department of Law Enforcement records in Tallahassee, to learn if your subject has ever been arrested in Florida. We can also provide incarceration and probation records on a Statewide basis as well as registered sex offenders and outstanding warrants.  This search can be complemented by a courthouse records search to ensure accurate results.

Dept. of Insurance Search
A search of State of Florida, Division of Workers' Compensation records to learn if your subject has filed a claim for an on-the-job accident within the past 15 years. Professional Liability Closed Claims provides information on Doctors as well as Attorneys and the Work Comp Compliance records will reveal any coverage an employer may have as required by law in addition to claims against that employer.

Activity Check
We will interview neighbors in the residential neighborhood of your subject on a direct and open basis and learn what they know, or are willing to reveal about your subject.

On-Line DMV Records
We are on line with the State of Florida, Department of Motor Vehicles and the Division of Driver's Licenses and can provide you with the title history and registration information on all vehicles including autos, trucks, trailers, recreational vehicles, mobile homes, motorcycles, etc.  In many cases this search can also reveal insurance coverage as listed with the DMV.

A search of State of Florida, Division of Driver's License records will provide the status of your subject's license or identification card, including address, date of birth and social security number where available.

We also have the ability to obtain a copy of their driver’s license transcript (driving history) as well as any accidents or crash records that reference your subject.

Secretary of State Records
This search can provide you with current involvement of an individual as a director or registered agent of a corporation, any fictitious name ownership or any UCC documents filed by creditors as required by state law. This also serves to identify the owner of a business or the board of directors for a corporation as needed for service of process or inclusion in a lawsuit.

Professional Licenses
This search can reveal or be used to verify a current license that your subject may hold. This search includes, but is not limited to health professionals, real estate brokers, contractors, insurance agents and adjustors, investigators, security guards, sports agents, accountants, bar membership and any other licensed professionals within the State of Florida.

Telephone Records
A very basic tool we have is the ability to criss-cross a phone number with an address and/or a name. This can be useful when attempting to contact someone that does not have a phone in their name or is living in someone else’s home. In most cases, we can verify the address that a phone number is listed to including unpublished and cellular numbers. Research and Document Retrieval
Let our team assist in preparing your case. As part of our routine investigations we are constantly researching the different courthouses throughout the State of Florida. As a result we can provide you with specialized research and document retrieval from many local government and state agencies. In addition, our experience in dealing with each of these authorities gives us a better understanding of how to identify which agency has the information you need and how to obtain the most accurate* search results.

*Please note that we may use several of the same databases that you are familiar with, but remember that unless it comes from an official source, each bit of data must be verified as accurate and current before using that information to make an educated decision with regards to your case.

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