EBS Investigations Apopka, Orlando, Florida

The rates for all our investigative services are $65.00 an hour plus any expenses such as state and local records fees, court document fees, etc. which are typically $1.00 per page. There is no mileage charge for routine work in the Central Florida area. We do charge .55 cents per mile for travel out of the local area and for excessive local mileage. The average background investigation runs approximately $325.00 and the average asset investigation is between $140-$175 both depending on the depth and scope of the investigation.

Locate investigations begin at $65.00 and increase by the hourly rate depending on the difficulty in obtaining information and the amount of identifying information you have provided. For surveillance cases we do not charge camera rental and other miscellaneous fees, only our hourly rate plus excess mileage.

For special investigations or bulk rates please donít hesitate to call to discuss how we can assist in obtaining exactly what you require. We are here to assist you!

*Please note that we may use several of the same databases that you are familiar with, but remember that unless it comes from an official source, each bit of data must be verified as accurate and current before using that information to make an educated decision with regards to your case.

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